City 21 Mexico 2016 large

Forum overview:

City 21 is the premier annual meeting place for urban planners, developers and investors commited to sustainable city development and regeneration. Green World Conferences are proud to announce that Mexico D.F. has been selected for the venue of the event in Americas.

City 21 is a conference on 21-century city sustainable development (new-build) and upgrage, indulging all aspects of city planning. The conference aim is to bring together major players to discuss and establish necessary holistic approach and creating connections to ensure building a modern, friendly city for all inhabitants.

By 2050 over 60% of people will life in cities and proper planning is necessary to achieve the desired living standard while controlling the costs of rapid development, avoid overcrowding and related problems.

Main areas covered:

  • Energy efficient buildings
  • City planning – building, parks, sport infrastructure, roads, shopping malls, leisure centers,
  • City connection – roads, airports, bus, metro
  • Water management – water supply and wastewater management
  • Energy – energy supply and distribution, smart energy, energy sustainability and efficiency
  • Waste management – collection and utilisation of solid and liquid wastes – (household, hospital, industrial, plastic, paper, metal, construction wastes)
  • City security
  • City IT solutions

Main forum topics:

  • Developing modern city infrastructure – housing, roads, shipping areas
  • Developing smart energy solutions to match the needs of the 21 century city
  • Financing the city – how to survive with tough budgets and how to grow city finance
  • Greening the city – incorporating relaxation areas into a modern development
  • Zero waste city – is it a dream or the future?
  • Sport and the city – developing sport infrastructure
  • Work-only areas – should we forget the concept?
  • Suburbia – is this a new village or still a city?
  • Let me breathe – controlling and minimising air pollution
  • Water – providing unlimited clean water access to the populace
  • Natural disaster – fire, flood, earthquake
  • Policing the city – controlling the order – from a drunken sailor to city riots
  • From rags to riches – upgrading underdeveloped areas
  • Linking the city – developing modern airports

Parties involved:

  • City council – development departments – energy, water, infrastructure, waste management, finance
  • Construction companies – buildings, roads
  • Infrastructure investors – main-street banks, PPPs, private equity firms
  • Local communities and NGOs
  • Water utilities
  • Wastewater companies
  • Waste collection and management companies
  • Police
  • Fire department
  • City security companies
  • Air pollution management companies
  • City communication services – airport, rail, bus, tram, taxi
  • Large hotel chains – sustainability officers
  • Large food chains – sustainability officers
  • Large shopping centers owners and operators – sustainability officers
  • IT companies working with city council and industries
  • Major industry operating in the city or vicinity – cement, fertiliser, oil, gas, petrochemicals, thermal plants – sustainability and air pollution managers
  • Tube operator

Why attend:

  • fully packed programme of high profile speakers
  • Excellent networking with the who’s who of the regional and international urban development and sustainability industry
  • Technology update in the exhibition area
  • Extensive finance advice on developing commercially profitable urban development and sustainability projects with case studies
  • Hear from top urban development and sustainability experts

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