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2nd annual international conference and exhibition.
solar | wind | biomass | geothermal
25-26 July 2016, Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa, Cairo

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Solar Energy Development Association SEDA is a non profit organization dedicated to meet energy challenges by:

  • Enhancing the use of solar energy applications for heat and power in the market place.
  • Facilitating active collaboration among key stakeholders to actively research and promote national market development campaigns and capacity building mechanisms that display social, economic and environmental benefits.


MESIA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that aims to:

  • Promote solar power in the UAE
  • Organize networking opportunities for solar professionals
  • Produce reports on the latest technologies, standards, and product certifications
  • Assist in the development of policies intended to strengthen the local solar industry

Who is part of MESIA?

MESIA  has  over  100  local  &  international  prospective  members, including Founder  members: ABB, ALSA, Amonix, Apricum, Bird & Bird, BP Solar, Chadbourne & Parke, Enviromena, First Solar, Masdar, Power-­One, Schott Solar, Schneider  Electric, Siemens, Standard & Chartered, Sunpower, Taylor Wessing, Viessmann, Vinson  &  Elkins.

Memeber companies are from all segments of the value chain, such as engineering, professional services, manufacturing and contracting companies.

Any company that is involved in the Middle East solar industry is welcome to join MESIA.

Egypt Solar Industry Association

Egypt Solar Industry Association (Egypt-SIA) is a non-governmental association that strives to make Egypt and the GCC region realize the full economic and environmental potential of solar energy. It is one of the ten affiliate countries under the Solar GCC Alliance. This organization seeks to create new solar energy business and employment opportunities in Egypt, and enable collaboration opportunities throughout the GCC region. Population growth and a rapidly-expanding industrial industry are increasing Egypt’s energy demand. Egypt has captured the headlines and attention of the solar industry the last several weeks. With 2.3 GW of power to be generated by photovoltaic energy in the next couple of years, the world is taking notice; major international players are coming to Egypt, forming key relations with local enterprises to make this ambitious goal a reality. To get involved, email for membership details.

SolarGCC Alliance

SolarGCC Alliance. The GCC region includes many of the most energy-advantaged countries in the world. While each of these nations shares of vast potential for solar energy, each has its own unique solar business model and cultural identity.  SolarGCC Alliance exists to encourage each of its affiliate countries to pursue independent solar development, while simultaneously providing an infrastructure for international collaboration. Visit the affiliate sites listed below to learn more about solar initiatives in each member nation. We encourage business, government, and academic institutions in affiliate nations and the international community to join us in our efforts to make the solar potential of the MENA region a reality. To get involved, contact us at


youthinkgreen is an independent non-profit organization, based in Berlin with a global outreach that promotes education for sustainability, environmental and social challenges. We implement a youth oriented, creative, motivating and long-term access to issues of sustainability and related issues such as climate protection, environmental consciousness and social responsibility among other relevant topics.

Together with young people from all over the world, we advocate global lifestyles that value diversity, intergenerational equity and access to opportunities that are in tune with the natural resources of our planet. We seek for solutions to answer the question: in what ways could we shape our lives together?

youthinkgreen serves as an international exchange and knowledge platform for interested and engaged young people and as an eye-opener about the possibilities to address sustainability challenges anywhere in the world. Our mission is to empower the youth – together with partners and experts – enabling them to make their individual positive contribution in sustainable terms both locally and at a larger scale. Our work is based on the concept of “education for sustainable development”. The aim is to promote competencies like critical thinking, crafting future scenarios as well as knowledge, skills and values necessary to shape a sustainable future.

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voice of renewables






The Voice of Renewables is a leading renewable energy portal covering technology, project and investment updates from all sectors of renewable energy worldwide. With current subscription standing above 120 000 renewable energy experts across the globe we are uniquely positioned to bring renewable energy news and updates by a set of topical weekly newsletters.









Egypt Energy Monitor





The leading source of industry information on Egypt’s energy and power sectors.

The Egypt Energy Monitor provides detailed, up-to-date and original industry information on upstream and downstream oil and gas, renewables and the broader power and electricity sector.

It is designed to help companies and other organisations identify business opportunities, track the progress of specific projects, find partners or suppliers, conduct market research and follow developments in the industry.

The Egypt Energy Monitor platform covers four main types of content:

  • News. Our news section is updated daily and forms the core of our Daily Brief email to subscribers. We produce content using original research and interviews, as well as through monitoring and reviewing dozens of local and international sources in Arabic and English.
  • Companies. Our company database contains 300+ detailed profiles of local and international firms operating in Egypt’s energy and power sectors. Information includes details on activities, management, background, key contacts, financials and more.
  • Projects. Our unique project tracker provides in-depth profiles of almost 100 current and future power plants in Egypt, spanning gas, coal, hydro, solar, wind and nuclear projects. Information includes details on capacity, performance, commissioning date, contractors and consultants, location, cost, current status, stakeholders and more. All profiles are updated regularly to reflect the very latest information available on each plant.
  • Resources. Our resources library includes a range of energy and power data, laws and decisions applicable to the sector, and other reports or documents relevant to the industry.

All our content is researched and produced by a team of local and international staff in our Cairo office. We also offer customised research services for clients seeking detailed reports on a particular area of the energy and power sectors in Egypt.


Daily News Egypt



The Daily News Egypt  website is the online portal to Egypt’s only independent English daily newspaper. A trusted source of objective news, the website offers a wide range of regularly updated content including politics, business, lifestyle, culture, technology, features, opinion, sports and tourism. with almost 2 million page views every month, and over 190,000 Twitter followers, Daily News Egypt is the first stop for on the pulse Egyptian news.

لوجو المال كبير 2012





Al Mal was set up on 18 August 2002 as an independent financial weekly publication in Egypt and circulated its first issue on 16 March 2003.

In January 2004, Al Mal launched its content service, selling written material to several organizations such as NOOZZ.COM, ArabFinance, Isi Emerging Markets, and Fiani Group.

Al Mal Newspaper launched its daily publication on January 14th, 2008, and has quickly become the top business-oriented publication in Egypt. The newspaper also published its website ( and launched SMS news services through the three providers of mobile phone services in the domestic market.








Al-Bayan UAE newspaper daily.. Comprehensive founded in 1980 by a decree issued by Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, since been resolved.

The first issue of “bayan” on the tenth of May 1980 became the fifth issued in the state and the first Arab daily newspaper devoted two pages and then three for money and business, the only Arab newspaper that gave economic affairs priority as provided in the tab on local affairs.

And belief in the importance of modern memory information and early anticipation of the role of information based on the data network technology, has taken the initiative «bayan» to create a «Middle East Research Center» which was formed with the beginnings of the establishment of the Foundation for Studies and Research Division and the Division of the archive.

At the beginning of 1983 it founded «Arab Bank for information» inside the center with a view to modern broad base of information building, activate the collection and classification of data on 17 key focus and 220 subtitled in the fields of politics, economy, business, culture and religion at the local level in addition to the Gulf, Arab and international has been linked to the bank at the Library Congress via the hotline is not to enrich a journalist working within the institution, but only in order to benefit researchers and specialists from abroad.

Use the center of modern technologies in the storage and retrieval process and managed to place in the year 1998 archive all memory «bayan» photos on the computer and issued Encyclopedia «locations and characters from the UAE» in several parts.

In 1997 it issued «statement» in a new suit focuses attention where improving the quality of content and form, and flashed at this stage the names of a number of citizens column writers, most notably Abdul Hamid Ahmad, Aisha Sultan and Mari Halian and virtue rhomboid rhythm daily basis, in addition to book weekly corners like Sami Al Riyami, Fatemeh Mohammed Al Hadidi, and Mary Juma Faraj.

In the atheist and the twentieth of February 2005 it issued «bayan» in a new suit lasted until the thirteenth of May 2008, and the fourteenth of May of the same year issued the “bayan” after he made a qualitative shift in form and content, where he was the change to keep pace with developments in the world of journalism global.

The newspaper management has dwelled during the full year to conduct comprehensive studies and surveys of newspapers in the world to gain access to a new version competitor at the local, regional and global levels interacting with the requirements of the modern reader.

Initiated a «bayan» to enter the electronic publication, she opened a gate on the internet in 1998 thus achieved so scoop at the local level and the Gulf and the Arab world as its location allows browsing for my way of image and text, and saw a high turnout is not in the Arab world, but by the Arab immigrants in America, Europe and East Asia.

Oil and Gas World Magazine






Oil and Gas World Magazine is a quarterly one (4 times a year) issued in both Arabic and English Languages. The magazine is focusing on the latest oil and gas developments in the Middle East.

The magazine is circulated among Engineers, Geologists, Consultants, Businessmen, Researchers, marketing managers, and other interested categories.

Magazine Distribution: Egypt, Libya, and Arabian Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia – Kuwait – UAE – Qatar – Oman – Bahrain and Iraq).