Future Hydro expos and conferences

Our Future Hydro series is a series of highly-successful, industry-recognised annual conferences and exhibitions tailored especially for the growing small and medium hydro community worldwide. All events are thoroughly researched with leading hydropower technology providers, investors, consultants and representatives of Ministries of Energy within the market of interest to ensure best placement, highest agenda topicality and high-profile line-up of expert speakers.

Each Future Hydro event is a compensation of exhibition and a conference thus enabling all participants not only to share their knowledge and expertise but also to discuss future deals and find optimal solution provides for a HPP project.

Future Hydro events take place in Albania, Georgia, Peru, USA, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, 

Dam, Levee and Reservoir Safety DLRS conferences

Dam, Levee and Reservoir Safety DLRS conferences are medium-sized events (up to 250 attendees), currently in the preparation phase, which will be held annually (starting from 2018) in four locations: Africa, Asia/Oceania, Europe and Americas.

Dam, Levee and Reservoir Safety DLRS conferences are fully focused on the complex issues of dam, levee and reservoir design, planning, environment-friendly construction, structural analisys, hazard issues, rehabilitation and upgrades, interactive preparedness lessons learned from past failures and other important points of making both existing and future dams,  levees and reservoirs environmentally friendly and failure-proof. World-class leaders are invited to offer their insights and share knowledge with the participants while technology and service providers find excellent platform to promote their market offer to carefully selected C-level audience.

Whether you would like to put  your paper forward for our consideration or would like to attend or exhibit at any of our events please feel free to contact us directly.