Renewable Iran 2017 is an annual large-scale expo focusing on promoting technological advancements and project opportunities in Iran within the solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal and biomass/waste management sectors.

Renewable Iran 2017 will take place on 13/14 November 2017 in Tehran Shahr Exhibition Complex (Goftegoo Park), Tehran Hall.

To enquire about stand availability please contact:

Waste management, biomass, wind energy:

Mr Derek Michalski
Expo Sales Manager, WM, W2E and Bioenergy Industry
Tel: 0044 78 46 48 69 80
Email Derek

Geothermal energy:

Mr Tarik Aziz
Expo Sales Manager, Geothermal Energy Industry
Tel: 0091 5879 7024
Email Tarik

Solar energy:

Mrs Nino Kharazi
Expo Sales Manager, Solar Energy Industry
Tel: 00995 5 7771 0271
Email Nino

Hydro energy:

Mrs Mariam Aleksidze
Expo Sales Manager, Hydro Energy Industry
Tel: 00955 599 17 65 68
Email Mariam

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