Turkish Energy and infrastructure 2016


solar | wind | hydro | geothermal | thermal | gas | nuclear
infrastructure new build and retrofit
project development | technology | investments
24-25 Mayıs / May 2016

Forum language: English and Turkish with simultaneous translation.

Event overview:

Turkey is the sixth largest electricity market in Europe, and one of the fastest growing globally. Increasing electricity generation from renewable energy sources is one of the country’s priorities in order to meet the growing electricity demand and diversify away from expensive, imported fuel sources. Infrastructure, in spite of recent issues, booms with a number of large projects in the pipeline.

Turkish Energy & Infrastructure Leaders Forum, is a strictly business-to-business conference and exposition to be held on 24-25 May 2016. The event will showcase the most powerful infrastructure, energy, water and wastewater companies already operating within or interested in the Turkish market. Join us for two days of robust sales conversations, meeting with your existing customers, supplier and new potentials and high-level networking to market your company towards high-profile audiences across the entire supply chain.

Over two days of the annual Turkish Energy & Infrastructure Leaders Forum top infrastructure and energy companies, investors, project finance providers, developers and installers will debate on the ways both sectors will further develop and map the risks to be mitigated. Investors will explain their expectations towards potential borrowers and government representatives and consultants will offer a wide-scope development of legislations, investment avenues and project development risk and opportunities.

Forum topics:

  • Development and financing of renewable projects in Turkey – solar, hydro, biomass, biogas, geothermal, wind energy
  • Development and financing of waste-to-energy projects in Turkey
  • Development and financing of gas installations in Turkey
  • Development and financing of nuclear power in Turkey
  • Development and financing of water installations in Turkey
  • Development and financing of wastewater installations in Turkey
  • Turkish government support for energy industry development
  • Thorough update on the Turkish energy market regulations
  • Investment and return stability for local and international companies
  • Project finance, insurance and risk management for energy and infrastructure industries in Turkey
  • Legal aspects of further deployment of energy and infrastructure projects in Turkey
  • Infrastructure newbuild and retrofit – roads, tunnels, bridges, ports, airports
  • Multiple investment avenues – overview of various choices for borrowers from infrastructure and energy sectors

For further information about the event please contact:
Derek Michalski, President and CEO, Green World Conferences Ltd
Tel: 0044 (0) 78 46 48 69 80, or email

Some of the companies took part in out events: